Reducing Stress at the Dental Office

Reducing Stress at the Dentist

Have you heard about sedation in Dentistry?  We have patients that come to our office much like friends visiting and are comfortable having procedures done.  Some even fall asleep.  How are you at the dentist?  Are you calm, anxious or even petrified.  Some avoid dental care all together because of this stress. WHY?  It could be as simple as you wanting to know what we are doing and what to expect each step of the way.  Did you have an uncomfortable experience because the dental freezing was not enough or treatment was started too soon?  For many its just wanting to regain a little bit of control by being able to communicate a message to the team while your mouth is full of our instruments.   Managing stress is an important aspect of your care and our staff is trained to watch for those little cues of your anxiety even if you feel embarrassed to bring it up.

Sedation in Dentistry

When patients require more to relax them during their procedures, we offer varying degrees of sedation in dentistry.  Nitrous Oxide or “laughing gas” is a light sedative that has a high degree of safety.   It allows most people to return back to their daily function almost immediately.  The effect of nitrous oxide relaxes you so your a little more at ease without losing consciousness or control.  If a patient requires a heavier sedation we offer I.V. deep sedation and general anaesthesia.  In those cases  Dr. Stephen Ing, a specialty trained dental anaesthesiologist, provide those services in our office.  Dr. Stephen Ing is highly trained to provide anaesthesia safely but also trained in dentistry so that he understands our treatment and our needs in patient care.  Your dental treatment would still be provided by Dr. Nicholas Ng while Dr. Stephen focuses on your comfort and safety.

With the varying degrees of sedation we can perform complex surgical treatment (wisdom teeth/ gum and bone surgery/ implant surgery) or perform full mouth treatment while minimizing your stress and anxiety.  If you have had a bad experience in the past, it may just mean that you should come talk to us.  We can find out why and come up with a solution.