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COVID-19 has infiltrated all aspects of our lives.  Whether it be dining out, seeing a loved one, shopping for groceries or going to the dentist, we are all doing things differently.  Since re-opening in June of 2020, our office has been providing full dental services to our patients and the Burlington area .  Mint Dental Clinic has also been doing things differently.  In doing so, we have many protocols and safety measures in place to ensure the safety of our staff and patients.

Some of our key safety measures include isolating treatment in enclosed rooms with HEPA and UVC air filtration units that meet the CDC and RCDSO guideline of 99% efficiency in the removal of airborne contaminants.  By keeping each patient’s aerosol in each room, we minimize air flow and allow time for the air to be “cleaned”.   As an industry, we have excelled beyond all other industries in having no known cases of spread.


Our staff is protected by the use of enhanced PPE.  We use N95 (fit-tested) mask and full face shields which reduces our exposure to splatter and airborne viral particles. Our reusable gowns are single use on each patient.  A commercial service provides the disinfection of our gowns so polluting our environment with disposables is kept to a minimum.  In addition, we have plexiglass in the administrative areas to further provide a barrier.  Hand sanitizers and disinfection solutions are widely available for use to keep surfaces clean.


In keeping our patients safe, we have many measures in place.  Some of the many protocols meet and exceed required guidelines include:

Virtual waiting rooms

Single patient entry/exit

We individually escort all patient/families entry and exit to avoid paths from crossing

Pre-screening of all patients and staff

We encourage patient visits to be touch free

Keeping your mask on until treatment commences

Only patients under treatment may enter except in special circumstances

We further minimize aerosol by the use of high volume suction,  Purevac HVE and the Vaniman extraoral suction.  By using an at source vacuum, we remove most of the viral particles in an aerosol before it spreads into the room.  This is not a required device but ensures our peace of mind by exceeding minimum requirements.  We believe that this is one of the most crucial additions to keeping us all safe against COVID-19.

Mint Dental Clinic's COVID-19 safety measures