Dental Implants

Dental Implants – why?

You have heard of dental implants but what really is it all about.  The dreaded news is that you need to have a tooth removed but you solution is dental implants.  You can’t believe it.  There must be something the dentist could do to save your tooth.  Although dentist always try to save broken down teeth, sometimes replacement with a dental implant is the better option.  Dental implants are the most natural tooth replacement because an implant tooth attaches to your jaw most like that of your own teeth.  There are some differences, like you will never get another cavity with implants, but you can still get gum disease.  Implants can replace a single or a group or an entire jaw of missing teeth.  It can also be a way of holding a denture in place or even attaching a denture so that you don’t have to remove it.


Implant Surgery – tell me more

Implants require a surgery to insert a titanium fixture to your jaw with nothing more than a local anaesthetic (dental freezing) and it is almost certainly less uncomfortable than having an extraction.  Most patients don’t require anything stronger than an Advil for a day or two.  Sometimes patients don’t have enough bone to hold an implant.  While that is true especially for a tooth that has been missing for years, bone grafting can remedy this.  In most cases bone grafting and implant placement is done at the same time if only a small quantity is required.  Bone grafts can be of different types including harvesting your own bone, to using donated human or animal bone.  

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