About Us


About Us

Our Hard Earned Reputation

Having served the Burlington and surrounding area for over 20 years, Dr. Ng and his dedicated team have earned their reputation as professionals you can rely on for all your dental needs.

Our Convenient Hours

We understand not everyone can make it during traditional business hours, so we’ve kept our hours varied to work with your schedule. And, by appointment only, we are here for you on Saturdays.

Patient Safety

Mint Dental Clinic offers digital x-ray technology that allows us to visualize magnify and manipulate images instantaneously to accurately diagnose.  Our records are digital so there is no degradation of quality over time.  At the same time patient patient radiation exposure is much lower.  Our modern equipment including Hydrim instrument washer and Midmark autoclave which provides a confidence of sterile equipment.  All this is monitored by biological, chemical and heat indicators to ensure patient safety.  All instruments are surgically wrapped to maintain sterility.  We take both patient and staff safety seriously.

State-of-the-art Clinic

We also offer numerous technologies in dental treatment including soft tissue lasers, LED in office Spadent smile whitening, and all ceramic Zirlux restorations.

We are also equipped with AED devices in preparation for any emergency within the Harvester Medical Plaza

Easy and Convenient Access

Connect with us easily through email, social media or by phone. And you can be assured we will get back to you right away. And there is plenty of free parking at our location!




Our team consists of a family of highly trained individuals each tasked to best fulfill your oral healthcare needs.

Meet the Doctors & Staff

WHY CHOOSE mint dental clinic


We pledge to treat all our patients in the same way we would treat our children, parents, family and friends.  We try to get to know each and everyone of our patients and make them feel comfortable with our staff and our recommended treatments.  All treatment decisions are made with you, the patient, being in charge at all times.

We strive to provide a warm caring environment which is safe by strictly adhering to and surpassing infection control protocols, minimizing radiation exposure, and minimizing effects and exposure to chemicals and medicines used in dentistry.


When you meet our staff you will soon see that each and everyone of us enjoy what we do.  Our staff is a family that rely on each other and provide a continuum of care delivered to you.  You will see that each and everyone truly BELIEVE in all the care that we provide.  There is no sales, no push for certain treatments but a true belief in that as an educated patient that you have the right to decide what is best for you.


We provide comprehensive dental care at mint dental clinic.  Most aspects of dentistry is done in office such as root canals, oral surgery and wisdom teeth extractions, periodontal surgery, cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry and implants.  We even can provide in house lab for denture fabrication and immediate repairs.


Dr. Ng and his staff are very comfortable treating even the youngest of children.  Most of mint dental clinic’s younger patients love coming to the dentist to play in the reception area, receive treatment, pick a prize then not want to leave.  We are not kidding!  But if there is an apprehensive child leave it us as Dr. Ng and his support staff.  Most kids will slowly come around and come to enjoy or at least tolerate treatment.  For those that are very nervous or have very complex treatment, we have access to different modalities of sedation including general anaesthesia with our specialists.